Make your Oil Heating even more affordable with an X-Press Energy pricing plan!

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We have three Oil Programs available:

Budget Program

A budget plan can help you manage your fuel expenses and prevent a midwinter budget squeeze. Winter oil bills can be overwhelming. Instead of a lump sum with each delivery, we can lessen the burden by spreading this cost into predictable monthly payments for the year. We estimate your fuel expenses for the year and divide the total into 12 manageable monthly payments. There is no price protection with this plan and you will be charged our daily market rate on the day of delivery, so your budget payment will be subject to change in accordance with the market. Our Budget Program starts in July and ends in June.

Capped Budget Program

This program offers all of the benefits of the budget program with the added benefit of price protection. If fuel prices drop, you receive the benefit of lower pricing. If fuel prices rise, your price will never exceed your cap. For a small monthly fee, you can insure your pricing and guarantee you’ll get the best of both worlds. Our Capped Budget Program starts in July and ends in June. Call our office today for a monthly price quote.

Pre-Pay Program

Buy now. Pay now. Lock in your price for the season. Opt out fees apply.